WireSoul - puzzle game [WIP]

Hello to all of you. Another week is ending, but 5th devlog isn’t finished. I’m currently working on two things simultaneously (Demo release/new character) and it will take maybe two more weeks. So I wondered how to keep you tuned for WireSoul. Best way I could think of is give you small part of the game for try. It’s level from 3rd devlog. You can try character controls and time manipulation without any real goal (except fun of course), but first you must solve one little puzzle in dark maze :wink: . Note: It’s untested on other computers, so expect bugs and if you encounter some, please report them on [email protected](when you will reporting lag or low framerate, please write down your hardware spec.).There aren’t any menus yet and controls are in pdf at the end of the instalation. Finaly, here it is:https://www.dropbox.com/s/hkk1rqw1er6wf3i/WireSoul%20preDemo%20Setup.exe

Nice windows-only file. Lemme find my voodoo doll… :smiley:

Huge sorry. I really must atone it, linux version will be as soon as possible. If you have IOS, I’m lost right now, but I will try.

So there it is, but there are already known issues for linux veresions (caused by my lack of knowledge).
1- I can’t get dynamics shadows work properly. (Sun lamp)
For fullscreen only:
2- If you have different aspect ratio than 16:9 you will probably have “squeezed” view.
3- Mouse sensitivity is VERY high (don’t know what it cause yet)
Controls are in pdf inside package.
Download here: [windowed (recommended)] ; [fullscreen]

I’m still not ready for demo (hope for next week). There is little tasting for the next character at least.

Tested, Ubuntu 13.10 x86 - amd drivers. It works flawlessly, at least for what I could do. I’m really too dumb for puzzle games, after twenty seconds I was looking for a grenade launcher to destroy the walls and conquer the world, but it feels nice. On lighting, I don’t know how it is supposed to look, here’s what I see:

It looks ok to me. I have one small error in the console, a missing attribute (probably a typo) :

Python script error - object 'Camera', controller 'And':
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/pgi/Scaricati/WireSoul preDemo Lin windowed/WireSoul preDemo Lin windowed/WireSoul preDemo/Camera.py", line 26, in main
  File "/home/pgi/Scaricati/WireSoul preDemo Lin windowed/WireSoul preDemo Lin windowed/WireSoul preDemo/Camera.py", line 14, in deklarace
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'setMipmapping'

I can hear the ambient sound, there are no other audible sound effects, I suppose they simply aren’t there yet.
I can’t compare the mouse speed, it seems fine here but games need to have a setup slider/button for it anyway because the underlying we cursor speed may vary a lot, depending on user settings.
Very nice work.

Thankyou for feedback.
The lighting is correct (I still can’t make realtime shadows behave as I want on Linux).
I really don’t have any sound yet.
I don’t know if in demo, but there will definitely will be setup options in final game.
The error isn’t typo, it look like mipmapping works only on Nvidia cards.
And finaly, if you want a solution for the puzzle, there it is: [!!!SPOILER!!!]

Thanks, with the solution I’ve got lost only once - I’d be an awful lab rat. This is how the lit scene looks, again all seems fine.


Grabbing-Throwing things works, doors open when expected, triggers get triggered, lasers kills, the level restart correctly.
I randomly pressed the time-thing keys to check if it works, i can see the player change color but I could’t really grasp the sequence of actions that one should get to achieve time travel (like record time, stop time, play time and you replay the action or stop time, record time, play time and you replay the action or nothing of the above mentioned actions). This monkey needs further instructions to use that feature :D.

Well the screenshot look as I expected (without shadows and mipmapping).
This is with shadows and mipmapping (not a huge difference).

Glad to see that everything works.
It’s difficult to see things from someone elses point of view. I tought that the fourth devlog made time manipulation pretty clear, but I will probably make devlog 4.1
I will try to explain: Stoping time and record/play time are two completely separate actions. You can stop time [R] whenever you want, even if you play recorded time. Playing time [E] is possible only if you have some time already recorded and every time you press [E] the recorded time will start to play (everything is in past but you). If you want to record time you press [Q]. Recording stops automaticly after 3 seconds or if you press [Q] again while recording. If you press [Q] again while NOT recording, you will start recording another time period which overwrite the previous (you can have only one recorded time). Note that you can’t record or play time while it’s stoped.
I know it’s pretty confusing, but it’s really easy after while.

Great work, it does graphically look allot like portal(which I understand will change as you progress through the game), and uses some of the mechanics from portal which in this type of puzzle game can become unavoidable sometimes even preferable. As for the new mechanics you are designing, they are great and will make this game be able hold its own. Cant wait to see more!

Thank you. I think now, that comparing it to Portal is actualy pretty good for me (something like compliment :wink: ).

Hello everybody, I’m currently working on donation program (it will be here), but I don’t have enough ideas for rewards for donators, so I would like to see some of yours suggestions. What would You like to have as a reward for donating?

Did you ever solve this? If not, it’s not because mipmapping is only available on NVidia cards, as it works, and can be disabled, on ATI cards.

As for your question about rewards, you could try tutorials, or devlog videos, or things like that. You might do well trying out Patreon as a way to be donated to regularly while you make games / content. You would also probably do well making a YouTube channel, or a Twitter page where you can interact with the people who will be donating more-so.

Thank you for pointing it out, I really didn’t know for sure what it caused, but thanks to you I think about it again and actualy find what was wrong. Sadly I’m not able to recreate the error, so if you or anyone else could try it for me, I will be really happy. I will post here repaired version about hour or two.
About your suggestions. I tought about tutorials, but I’m really bad english speaker, so maybe text version of “questions and answers”?
Devlog will be always for everyone, not only for donators.
Don’t know about Patreon, but I will look at it. Youtube channel already is, but i will not make videos with comentary for the same reason like tutorials. And finaly I have never had Twitter, but I will make one as soon as possible.

Well… I have got two news, traditionally good and bad.
So the bad news: I won’t upload repaired files yet. I have get rid of the error and I found out that problem with mipmapping really isn’t on ATI cards, but unfortunately on Linux. Rasterizer module just don’t have “mipmapping parts” in Linux version of Blender. Maybe (I hope so) I’m just doing something wrong and I would be really happy, if somebody could help me with this and maybe more “Linux stuffs”.
And the good news: I’m finaly achieved to make realtime shadows in Linux version work as I want :slight_smile: (it not seems as a big achievement, but for me it is as build a snowmen with closed eyes, tied hands, in Equatorial Africa)

!!! Demo !!!

Well… alpha state and only for Windows (Linux will be tomorrow).
Download it, test it, enjoy it and report everything that doesn’t suit you.
You can experience everything what you saw in all devlogs and little bit more. Alpha state i mainly for testing purposes, if it will go well, I will release beta state - bugfree, complete, optimized,… and after that will become definite version with sounds, propper menus and more levels.
Finaly, here it is: WireSoul_alphaDemo [Windows]

As I promised, there is the Linux version of alphaDemo. (UNTESTED)
WireSoul alphaDemo Linux

Ah, that won’t stay untested for long! I’ll report my findings soon…

Oook, done. I won, ah ah.
Frankly I’ve been able to pass level 6 just because I remembered seeing a video where the robot jumped on the box held by his past image, I wouldn’t never ever thought of that by myself. A good thing, a puzzle game should be a challenge after all.
IMHO you should release the polished demo then start a kickstarter project or something like that to see if people is interested in funding the development of the entire game because as a puzzle game I find it beautiful.

Problems. Nothing that prevents the game to be played but there is a very annoying thing: when I press ESC bge crashes with a SegFault. The console lies saying that a log file has been created but there is no log file (really nowhere in the HD).
Once it said:

GPUFrameBuffer: framebuffer incomplete error 1282 ‘Invalid operation’

before to pass out. Once in a while, after pressing esc, the menu appears before to crash. Also sometimes, always in the crash situation, the menu image looks corrupted.
It may very well be a problem with the ATI drivers and not related to the game itself.

The console also repeatedly spits out the message:

Pre Shader Bind opengl error: invalid operation

but the game runs fine.

Shadows looks right.

I saw a glitch in the 6th level, a black thing, here’s a picture:

The game looks and feels great, boxes works, puzzles works, lasers lazes, all great, nice game.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to play the demo (I’m a Mac :frowning: ). Anyway I think the game mechanic shown in your video looks quite unique. To the graphical aspect: no offense, but I guess every player’s first impression will be, it looks like Portal 2. And that’s kind of sad, because the mechanic is - as I wrote before - quite unique. But on the other hand I also see, that the level design is way easier, if you have a modular texture, like yours, which you can put on nearly every flat wall. But I think you could try out a darker gray and a smaller pattern. And instead of blue and orange you probably should take some other colors, so that the players first impressions aren’t: “oh it’s Portal 2.5”, but they really see it as a different, challenging puzzle game, which it seems to be :slight_smile: .