WireSoul - puzzle game [WIP]

Thank you very much for your feedback and sorry that I took my time to respond.
The black glitch is actualy a occluder object which intersect with walls, it’ not really a glitch, I just overlook it and it’s already solved.
The “escape problem” is “inside” the linux version of the game. I have no idea what it cause, but it happens to me to. I’m sorry, but I’m Misrosoft rat and I just don’t know how to even use Linux terminal.
Well… I have idea, I know it’s weird and syssy, but … Could You make Linux version for me?
I’m imagine it, that I would sent you my .blend file, you would promise me to not putting it to internet and you will try to make a standalone from it.
I know I’m requesting to much and I don’t have anything in return, but I’m just asking and I definitely understand if you don’t want to or just can’t.

Be careful.
Be extremely careful about giving out source files to random people online. Especially if you plan on selling it. (no offence pgi)

Your game is really cool and I like the originality of it too. It would be a shame if someone ‘stole’ it.
Anyway, keep up the good work, rated 5 stars. :yes:

Unfortunately I’m no expert on the matter. I use Linux but I do not really understand it. Also I’ve never had to play with the export executable function of blender so I couldn’t really help much: as far as I know there isn’t much else to be done but to press the “export” button.

About the Linux problem;
There is a user here named @Goranwhere you can contact him.

About the Linux problem;
There is a user here named @Goranwhere you can contact him if he doesn’t respond here.

Yes I know his youtube tutorial chanel, I will probably contact him.
Give me some time and 64bit versions will be maybe even today.

And there they are:

Wow! This game is just so fun. I really enjoyed playing it. Very confusing at first, but then really fun. Only problem was throwing. I think the character should be able to throw farther / stronger, I found it difficult and annoying when I could not throw objects far/high enough. Also a few spelling errors I will PM to you.

Overall I really enjoyed that, I hope you take your time and make a longer game out of this, great fun!
I recommend others to try this out!

Pretty cool progress so far. I will definitely be wathing this as time goes by…

I have downloaded and extracted the linux rar then… i have no clue on how to start the game. There is a python script named “start_game.py” which doesn’t start the game.
Of course that cannot stop the monkey.


i create a new blender file, store it in the same folder as the unzipped rar, add an empty, add a brick Always->python module [start_game.load_game_blend], add a camera, set the camera as current view, toggle the “MouseCursor” button then press the “Start standalone player” button


voilà, the game starts.

So I think that the game pack is missing the launcher blend file - or there might be some other procedure to start the game but I couldn’t really figure it out.

Great news is that, once started, the game runs, the menu pops up and there are no segfaults.

Both 32- and 64-bit linux versions of this game work perfectly fine for me.
The game looks wonderful, and (again) the concept is rather entertaining and interesting.
I have not encountered any errors, and can run the game at 60 fps.

Regarding running the game on linux:
First, make sure that the .bin file’s name contains no spaces (change the name of the file to contain no spaces), as that will not be recognized by the terminal. You then start running the game by opening the terminal and entering “./” followed by the name of the .bin file; no spaces between the command and file name.

Spaces in name seems to not change the result, if I run the bin file the console outputs the same message as blenderplayer (the usage info). Also the assets are fully exposed, if ip protection is an issue I would delete the archive from internet right away.

Well, thank you guys for helping.
I take temporarly the files from the internet.
@pgi I really don’t know, why you can’t open the .bin file. It should work that you open .bin file, which runs the .py file, which set the renderer and open the game from .blend file.
Is there a way to somehow “lock” the .blend file so nobody could open it, but the .py file will be still able to play the game from it?

I don’t really know why either.
You cannot avoid having people disassemble your executable, you can just make it a bit harder to do. I always say that if there was a way to prevent it then multi-billion companies selling AAA games wouldn’t have piracy problems.
That said, breaking the executable built by the blender integrated button looks to be less evident than the latest rar package you provided. Btw i noticed it just because in linux window managers the type of a file is not bound to its extension so the wire.soul didn’t look like a binary document - as it probably does in windows - but as… the other thing it really is.

That’s also one of the reasons why I suggested a kickstarter like project, starting from a small open demo of the game, like the one you already have. You publish that, then you take it one or two steps further to create a video of the features you would like to implement in the funded - full version and you use the demo and the video as a showcase for the crowdfunded project. In some way because I know absolutely nothing about how to start a crowdfunded project but, hey, let’s not let ignorance stop us talking about something :D.

I rated this thread 5 stars…although it already had 5. Regardless…very original idea.

What was the expression…“Now allow me to jump on the bandwagon…”

I agree with the above people mentioning that there is an overflow of zombie and portal rip-offs. This awesome project is no exception.

Will also agree that if you intend to make any kind of profit…and if you want to preserve your rights as an author… delay the release of your files after the game has gone into circulation. Then you could chose to share your experience with the community so others could learn from you. A great ego boost for any artist.
For you it was probably easy to reach the result you have right now…and perhaps you are confident enough to allow other people to capitalize on your work…a bad attitude to have in life in my humble opinion.
I hope you are able to protect your project.
I have never seen a game and mechanics such as the ones you showcase…Im excited for you although I don’t know you…Wish you luck and perseverance.

Well the files are back. I don’t find a way to completely protect it without constant internet connection, logins, passwords,… , so I just change the data structure.
@pgi I can’t go to kickstarter, because I’m from Czech Rep. and don’t have bank account in UK or US. We have here crowdfounding site to, but it’s for Czech only and nobody really know about it :frowning:
@Kalinaki Thank you very much. This is my first serious game project and I don’t have any real experience, so it really not easy for me. I’m not planning any tutorials right now, because it’s extremely hard for me to speak english, but I’m trying to answering every question about blender from everyone.

Have you heard of Indiegogo? In their FAQ they say:

Is anyone in the world able to create a campaign?

Indiegogo is an international platform, so anyone with a bank account can start a campaign. We do not, however, allow campaigns from countries on the U.S. OFAC sanctions list. For more information on which countries are included in this list, see our article on International Campaigns.

Maybe you could look into that? Good luck.
edit: maybe look into Gambitious too!

@RossBlenderArt I honestly didn’t know about indiegogo, but I looked at it and I like it. I will definitely make my campaign there, but not just now. I don’t have nearly enough content or followers for it. Well thank you for your suggestion.

Hey vincent64. Great work on this!
I haven’t managed to get the demo to work on my Mac yet, I’ve only tried briefly but will experiment more when I have some spare time.
If you want to make it look less like Portal, here are a couple of suggestions that you can use or ignore.
1- Change the texture for the walls floor and ceiling to something completely different. Get rid of the white (or pale grey) tiles. I guess it needs to look like the interior of some sort of scientific research building? But it needn’t be white tiles, it could be sheet metal, or concrete or some kind of plastic.
2- there is a female computer voice in the video, I don’t know if this will stay in the game, but changing it for a different type of computer voice might help move away from the Portal comparisons.
If you want, I could make a couple of new textures for you that you could use if you like them or discard if you don’t.
I’m really pleased to see someone working on a logic puzzle game, personally I’m completely fed up with violent FPS’s.
I wish you luck with this!


Thank you for your offer, I would like to see your textures.
Sorry but stable Mac version won’t be sooner than in two weeks.
And don’t worry WireSoul environment will change, it’s VERY far away of even “work in progress”, but here is little tasting:

Cool! Yeah, this looks like a very kind of different environment, very nice to see.
I’m wondering how far you will go with the time manipulation and wether we’re going to see a mixture of ancient and futuristic environments!
I like your textures and I don’t think you really need any help, I was offering mainly in case you were stuck for ideas, but feel free to message me if you do want anything done in the way of illustration, design or texturing. Illustration is my job but I can kind of do textures a bit. You can see a bit of my game stuff here- http://klinksoftware.net/forum/index.php?topic=1357.0
Or older stuff here- http://klinksoftware.net/forum/index.php?topic=856.0