"Wisdom Within the Enemy"

Finished an art piece today. It all began yesterday when I was playing around in 2.8 with a shaman character I created originally in cycles. I liked the how the lights and volumetric fog created this very interesting mood with the character. So I saved the render and brought it into krita for some extreme post processing. Most of the texturing and details were done in krita.

Here’s the raw render of the character.

The young woman is a 3d model that I rendered with the exception of certain details such as her hair which I added in krita. The bird is not a 3d model though.

The short story I wrote probably took longest out of everything :laughing:
I rather like what I wrote, could be better, but I think it expresses what I wanted it to.

Hope you like it! Tell me what you think!


i like the mode alot its very wonderful

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