Wish to make Transformer but.....

Hi everyone, I’m trying to make a transformer with parent to child animation, but i have one problem with the animation. When i insert a keyframe, one of two things may happen

1- If i insert the first keyframe to the object that has been totally move to a new place, the program ‘ignores’ the keyframe and gos back to its previous position. (Like i move it from 1,4,5 to 3,7,5, insert the keyframe goes back to 1,4,5 when i switch the keyframe)


2- When i switch a frame the objects totally screw up and move everywhere.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I’ve somewhat quit on the animation because no mater how hard i try i keeps doing one of those 2 things.

So you insert a keyframe for location on frame 1, go to frame 10, move the object and insert a keyframe, then when you change the frame you’re on, the object either snaps back to the original location or freaks out?

Are you sure you’re adding a location keyframe? Is it a rigged object?

post a .blend

ok here is the blend file


Fighter jet2.blend (199 KB)

Delete the current keyframes that you have. Objects Split.002 and Split.003 are using the same ipo animation datablock so it you animate one it’ll animate the other. You proably copied one object which already had keyframes applied to it. In the IPO editor for each object press the number to the right of the datablock name (eg ObIpo.001) to make it a single user to break this link.