Wish US freelancers good luck

I am following with disapproval how the US health insurance reaction is inside the population and media and I really wish that for those of us who are freelancers or without what I consider real health insurance like in Europe this hole compain will work so we get better and real insurance.

A country which is unable to provide medical service equal to Europe to 1/3 of its population is a sad example for an industrial country. In particular that health care is 2 to 3 times more expensive here and not really better.

What is really sad is how those discussions are held and Obama is compared to Hitler.
Typical scare tactics. Sad also that people fall for such non-sense. They cannot even listen.

“I dont want gov health care, that is bad, and don’t touch my medicare…”
— Comment from an elderly woman …

Since I live in this country (USA) and might face soon no health insurance I am concerned about myself and shocked about the inability of the population in the USA, to stand up, weak up, and realize that the US system is more expansive and less fair or accessible than in Europe.

What else do you expect from a country full of hardcore Christians?

I expect Christmas presents!

Why is it really that difficult to abide by the ‘no politics’ rule anyway?

Look, I know the CGI community in general is a bit towards the left (look at CGTalk for some stunning examples). But let me tell you I’m one of those very rare active artists who see himself on the right, I also want to say I don’t want to help pay for Bill Gate’s or any other Billionare’s healthcare (they can pay for their own).

I’m serious, I look at CGTalk discussions like this and sometimes it seems I’m the only conservative member on the entire board (over 100,000 members), and one of the few in the world of the arts.

I’m hoping at least something happens. I’m not a freelance artist; I’m currently in school for software engineering. Unfortunately, when I graduate this spring, I will most likely be without insurance because I have rheumatoid arthritis and my parents’ plan only covers me while I am in school. I’m currently looking for any plans that would help me, knowing that once I graduate, I’ll have to not only pay my student loans, but also $1200 for meds each month.

I know politics aren’t really allowed here, but I think it is important to point out that some of us do need help. Frankly, I’m up for any changes that can let me get the same coverage that is provided to people with unhealthy diets and habits. I don’t enjoy being punished for a treatable disease that is not my fault.

The “no-politics” rule notwithstanding, it would be nice if health care in the US were a public service provided to everyone, like law enforcement or the fire department. As someone who is seeking a career as a freelancer, I never realized that this is an issue which will effect me as soon as I graduate college.

just because you have problems and need money to fix them doesnt mean that someone like me has to pay for them… get your own goddamn insurance. this country is getting closer and closer to communism.

Very smart argument Brados33 and very typical for those who are not really well informed and smart in wording.

So Germany is communism? Interesting.

No, our system required 15% of your income for HC, 50% pays the company, 50% is what you pay, or you select a private insurance.

And Brados33 no one in Germany can die from a fricken tooth infection and cause 250.000 US $ in emergency brain surgery which could have been prevent by covering the silly 80$ for a rotten tooth.

BTW your tax money went out to cover that but I bet that tax for 80% would have been better than for 250.000.

A friend made a smart comment: paying taxes is the requirement of living in a modern and civilized society. A concept obviously many here don’t get because they can only selfishly their own greedy expectations and do’nt see that preventive care will reduce the spending of curing care which is much more expensive than the first one.


how do you define conservative? Just curious because noticed that what most people here concider conservative I would define as greedy, selfish, and honestly brutal.

Brutal and selfish is the only way how I can define peoples opinion about health care.

Brado33 just FYI a close friend applied for jobs, and those never let her in as full time so she was never able to get the healthcare through the company and because they did not pay her a lot, while she has a college degree, she was never able to buy insurance on her own.

Smart is what I would consider to clean up this insurance mess and make each policy the same price for everybody and not give big companies cheaper quantity deals.

The rest is just plain Wild Wild West mentality.

America is already a communist state, didn’t you know?

What with all our socialized institutions… like the LIBRARY… and the POST OFFICE…

Very curious argument.

Maybe HealthCare should be open source…like Blender.

Seems like the Blender developers somehow make a living off of something that is free to all.

Why can’t HealthCare be the same way.

Maybe we could get Ton to develop HealthCare after he is done with Blender 40.0

@CD I’m with ya man…another conservative here.

Keep the government out of it!!!

@ Rocketman

Ya taxes are so god damn terrible -
how could it be that in Germany university is only around 0 to 500 Euro per semester.
I realized it - a country people are living in which belong back to school or metal hospital.

@ MentalKhandr
You know that with keeping the gov out you also say stop medicare which is gov run
and also shut down libraries, police, and schools.

Hey you wanna talk to a cop - pay for it cash.
Hey you wanna get you kid into middle school pay for it in cash like for college …

Man, a university education for ~500 euro per semester would be pretty sweet! Of course, I’d still be paying for that with my taxes, but it would make higher education accessible to nearly everyone…

If you think the current health care system in the U.S. is bad, you should read up on the prison system, which is- unsurprisingly- also privatized in many places as well.

Well medicare is federal government run,and it is full of corruption and losing huge amounts of money.
The federal government can’t run anything without making things worse.

Amtrack,loses money by the billions,Govment run
Post Office,loses billions,Govment run
Medicare and Medicaid,same

Police,Libraries,schools are local Government funded with some funding from the Feds. Local Governments don’t do a very good job of budgeting either.

This new health plan is just a way for the Government to get it’s grubby hands on more taxpayer money so it can dole it out in it’s own corrupt way in the name of healthcare.

And by the way cekuhnen, are you saying that only the people that make more money than you should be the ones that should give up more of their hard earned dollars to support other peoples health?
I’m sure we could find destitute people out their that think you are probably wealthy. You do have a computer and internet, I bet, even a house or apartment with a TV. You do contribute ,ummm, let’s say half of your income to helping out people less fortunate than you ,right? Or is it just the rich,(your definition of course) that should give up something ?

The capitalist system in America contributes more money to charities world wide than any other country. I guess that is a bad thing and should be trashed in favor of letting the Government handle the way money is handed out.

I don’t think that is a good idea at all.