Wishing Well

Well… It’s done. This has been a project I’ve left sitting around unfinished for a really long time, and recently opened it up and started working on it again, and its finally at the point where I can call it done.

Granted, my definition of done doesn’t include good textures, or a scene, or lighting, because I’ve never been any good in those aspects of blender, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Well, here it is


An enjoyable piece of rendering. It will fit in easily with most low poly 3d games.

Well, I thought it was done, but then I looked into ways of modeling vines, and I came across this


It’s an ivy generator, which is definitely worth checking out. It’s incredibly easy to use (it kind of feels like cheating)
So here’s the next, and probably final version of the well


Very nice. I realy like those stones and tiles. Good work. Are you going to add something more?