Wispy Smoke / Vapor?

Hi, I am trying to achieve a wispy slow smoke effect like what you might see from a cigarette or a candle that has just been blown out. Im only able to achieve very dense large scale smoke simulations… any suggestions? Pic for Reference…


hmm sort of there i guess… maybe with 2.82 new simulations?

Part of that is a shader thing. Of course first you need to tune the density carefully to see as much details as possible. What can help is to ‘sharpen the edges’ of the smoke by passing the density through a color ramp before feeding it into the volume shaders.

To get realistic looking swirls and filaments out of the sim itself requires quite high resolution. The High Resolution (‘Noise’ in Mantaflow) tab gives you a certain amount of extra detail at reduced sim cost. You have to try how well it works in your case. Switching to 2.82/Mantaflow would be advisable, I guess, as the improvements target this problem.

What also is possible to add fake details by adding noise to the density e.g. with noise or musgrave textures. Likely will only give you ‘some kind of’ details and not really realistic swirls, though, except you are quite skilled with nodes, but might be better than nothing.

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Hmm great thank you… Ill experiment more with the material over the simulation and see where it gets me.