Witch - page2 update 4/1/06

Hi, another project from me. C&C welcome.


Really nice start ! Keep it going !

Holy crap! that looks awesome. Can you please post more close up shots :slight_smile: The style is neat.

The textures are good.

Thanks for comments and sorry for so late reply :slight_smile: .
Added some grass and trees.

I agree with the above, the textures are quite nice - especially the ones on the front portion of the house. You may want to subtlely deform your terrain on the horizon line on the right side, so it’s not perfectly flat. :slight_smile:

Nice picture.
Can you tell me how you made your trees ?

But the scene seems to be too nice and clean for a topic named “Witch” :smiley:

Could we see some screen shots from in Blender to get a feeling for your settup?

Looking good, especially the textures…


Kyouryuu : thanks, there will be yet a lake behind the house

edheltar : trees are very simple - trunk is textured cylinder, branches and leaves are made with alpha texture
i will add the witch soon :slight_smile:

zog34 : screenshot added :wink:


night scene with rain

Ok thanks for the explanation, i thought you used some kind of tricks :smiley:
Unfortunately, i can’t see anything on the last render, too dark !

Anyway, keep up with the good work !

eddheltar : thanks, updated lighting and added mist

I like the atmosphere of the darker lighting setup, very cool and kinda creepy. Perfect! The only down side is that we can no longer see the awesome textures on the house…

You can see them just fine on a new LCD monitor that you just got for christmas! dances around room yodeling

Yea… awesome pic! I would ditch the witch and go for a cool still life.

Soter, StrikerMunc :thanks
added witch

final image


looks nice

witch looks cartoony compared to the more relistic scenary
lots of things look very 2d like flat planes with images applied so they dont have true lighting/shadows.

Hazza : thanks, sorry for late answer
now realy final image :slight_smile: