WITCH: Real-time | Medieval: Back & Forth

Project created for “Artstation Challenge Medieval Back & Forth - Game Character Art (real-time).”
You can check the full post and creation process here:
*Concept art by Yhong Ding

Tutorial Realtime Hair Blender and Fibershop

Tutorial Torn Fabric Substance Painter

Tutorial Rigfy

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Really awesome job!
Thanks for sharing the technical info too. It is normally that nobody shares that :frowning:

I odn’t understand why there is these other maps like

Positions map
Normal map (wrold space)
Thickness map
curvature map
color ID map

What are these for ?
Isn’t it possible to do the textures with just color,normal and AO map ? And get same results ?

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Hey, thanks so much for your comment!!
Those maps are necessary because its a game ready project
so I need some informations from the highpoly like the thickness to create SSS, Curvature to make cavity and add proccedural effects, Normal WS to bake the lights and Color ID to create the Substance Painter masks! Hope its more clear now!

yeah I don’t know about clear, but game ready I understand :smiley:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks man!!