Witch s house in Jar

2.80 eevee beta test render


Lovely little scene!
How will they pull the cork out though? And the glass is so thin! I fear it will break.

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“Anyway, I like it. A lot.”

I wouldn’t call it realistic glass, but it doesn’t get in the way, either. The scene in the jar is tack-sharp and you can see it clearly. “And, is that snow, or tiny bubbles in the glass?” Very nice.

I’d like to see this little jewel in the Gallery …

Thanks a lot.I didnt put my attention on how thin that glass was but now i do and i feel the same.It almost gonna break apart :disappointed_relieved: will take care of it!

Yes it s too thin.I m still working on that glass.
Those snowy dots supposed to be the stars at first but i couldnt manage them to look like stars because 2.80 eevee is nothinf like 2.79.Now you can call them whatever you want lol.But they supposed to be snow actually.I ll put some snow under clouds and on the ground also.
Thank you @sundialsvc4