Witch smoke hair

Not the greatest render in the world, it was never the idea of this model, this model was sculpted and “booleaned” in blender to be a backflow incense burner, where the smoke represent the hair of the character.

but for presentation i had to do a render to make things a bit cleaner in the site where i uploaded the model.
A few planes and a few smear strokes are enough to give a fake smoke effect for the presentation render.

This is the printed result, i have to admit i need to tune my machine a lot more to do this kind of small printing, that’s why im a modeler and not a 3dprinter ^- ^



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That’s very cool! What is the mechanism that makes it work? Is this the print itself? or molded finished product?

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Thanks, its a 3d print in this case FDM, little holes and tubes can be added in the design, of course doing this needs a bit of thinking on where to add or not support or if it using materials that can disolve after print, for such tiny holes in this case supports are not a problem, doesn’t need

This is the page to get the file

Can you DM me about that and show me the link?

Dm sent, thanks