Witch tools are you useing for modeling in blender

hey li, today i just went to all the selection-, edit tools and i realized there are such a huge palette off them i have never used before.

i worked for modeling only with, extrude, loop cut, loop select, knife

the new tool i found (not realy new) is the edge slide tool, i made it a goal to me to use this tool more.

what tools are you useing?
and witch one you want to use more?

P.S just went through all off the tools and pick one per week^^, i think this will be a good step to knowing blender better and better)

P.P.S i recognized i wrote witch instead of wich, but you may apologize

make edge/face, extrude, subdivide edge, selects, merge, delete, duplicate, loop cut

triangulate, flip triangle edges, make quads from triangles

3d cursor for transform pivot

switching wire/shaded modes

sculpt and retopo (see: http://www.etyekfilm.hu.nyud.net/model_and_concept_with_sculpt_tutor.jpg)

edge select -> delete -> fill
spin dup
I prefer subdivide to knife, but use both

I think you what ‘Which’. :smiley:

I normally just use extrude, subdivide, and join faces.

What can I say?

I don’t use any tools in blender that belong to a Witch lol… I use all of them heh heh… anything that will get the job done fastest.