With how fast blender is updating, is substance painter worth it?

i was thinking about buying substance on steam but $150 is high for me. Any thoughts?

Blender will not be catching up Substance Painter anytime soon. You might want to give ArmorPaint a try (It’s free). I believe it’s based on Blender but only focused on painting stuff.
By the way if you’re doing professional work in this area, Substance Painter totally worth the price.


On top of the ArmorPaint advice, I would also suggest Quixel Mixer.
It doesn’t fully cover all the features Painter has but it’s already looking pretty good.


I’m not even close to doing pro work so that’s one reason I hesitate to buy it. I’ll check out armorpaint tho!

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I’ll look into it. I’ve heard the name somewhere. Thanks!

I’m hardly a pro myself, but I still bought both Substance Painter and Designer.

They’re well worth the cash, in my opinion.

…honestly, you are comparing a Mosquito to a Mammoth :sunglasses:

and Substance Painter happens to also update very frequently

edit: actually… why don’t you just sign up for monthly subscription… try it for a month and if you hate it, you didn’t end up spending $150.

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I would suggest the same thing. Note, tho, that SP has a bit of a learning curve and may take more than a month to get comfortable with. Definitely worth the money either way - this is very powerful software.

thanks for all the info. my sister got it for me for late christmas. i asked for a $20 game and gave here my steam login and she went through my wishlist and picked painter lol


With Blenders powerful node workflow I almost never use Substance Painter nowadays. Of course it have some limitations (no blur for example) and it might be slower to render, but having infinite resolution instead of being limited to 4K or whatever is reaally nice, and also nodes are SO much better and easier to work with than layers :slight_smile:

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