without environment

(Zweistein) #1


How can i make a cool environment for it?


(cohort) #2

Make some fake grass around it, and place it on a plane… Put a blurry picture of a game store in the “world”… Maybe a few dice lying around outside the gate…

(Turrin) #3

I would suggest Terragen. Its an excellent, free landscape generator. With a script, you can import your scene into Blender.


(cohort) #4

Nah, from this angle, it’d look grand as a tabletop wargame prop…

(S68) #5

Yes, it definitely look a model. (This doesn’t mean it’s not very nice :wink: )

If you want it to feel BIG

must add bric texture

must use better tile roof texture

must add dirt, imperfection

must add something to scale with, so a terragen environment might do, but, since it is a top view
a fractally subdivided plane could do as well

Keep it up


(gr8hamster) #6

if you don’t want to go the game borad way as everyone is suggesting… i’d say put in some trees! that’s always good.
after you get in a few trees put a carriage or something… maybe some ppl somehow.

then maybe a bird flying above it…

. then after that you could make a seperate version of it at night or something… put a little fog on the ground and in the air, with some torches.

ooh ooh ooh you can put a boat or something in the water!! that would definitely make it look like the place is being lived in and about!

GREAT!! now I want to make a castle like place! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Nice work, can’t wait to see more of it!!