Wizard Animation

I’m actually not sure if this forum is supposed to be geared more for Finished Animations or for WIP Animations, but I guess I’ll just keep posting finished stuff here and hope someone corrects me if I’m screwing up somehow.

At any rate, this is a really short (4-seconds) animation that I created to go in the header of a new gaming (video games and other games as well) website. Clickity clickity to see the animation (mpeg-4, ~2MB).

It took about 20 hours to complete. If you’re curious about the process of making it, I made a little ‘making of’ article on my studio’s project blog with assorted details, screenshots, and the original animatic.

And because it was fun to make, I rendered out a higher-resolution still (click for larger):


Comments would be more than appreciated.

Awesome!! But my only crits are that when he is casting the magic he looks a little stiff and that his hair is a little thick at the beginning of the strands. But great models and particles!

Awesome! :slight_smile: Loved the particles, shiny bubbles everywhere!

some strange flickering going on with his hair in the beginning, and in the end…
i also miss a little bit more motion upon the final casting stage, you have the hand trembling, but it would be great to see some body movement too, because it looks like heavy spell to cast.


Thanks for watching, folks!

Yeah, with more time, I would have really liked to address the hair and really give it some love. It’s the part of the animation that certainly needs the most work, particularly (as basse noted) in the way it moves.

Also, basse, that’s a good note on the movement at the end. The rest of his body really ought to shake with his arms, though probably not as much. We don’t want him to look like he’s having a seizure or anything.

Thanks again for watching!

great model, nice work with the limited particle system. I am very impressed.