Wizard in the Woods

Well, I guess this is finished. I’m sure there’s stuff I can do to it, I may still work on it more later. I know that if I put this in the wip forum, it probably won’t change. So here it is! Comments welcome.

Cool! Nice Model + texturing. I love the light shining from the doorway.

I think the grass is to ‘rigid’ though, but other than that I like it.

4 stars

Good stuff.

I like the cozy feeling emitting from the caravan.

i also enjoyed, what is he doing inside of the “van”?

Great feel on this one. Maybe a bit of AO lighting to enhance the night time feel though.

Great piece.


Nice! It remind me of one masters of horror-episode. Haeckel´s tale was the name if I remember correctly. Except this is more brighter.
Only crit is that trees would be more realistic. Maybe more nor and slightly better texture. But that´s no big deal.

Very nice render, atmospheric. The tree bark texture looks a bit off, a little too large and blurry, but other than that I like it. And maybe adding some dark shadows of tree trunks in the background?

thanks for the replies. Trees have always been hard for me to make. Most of my scenes have been interior scenes. I enjoyed making this one though. Thanks.


I agree with the others. Trees need some work.
But I love the atmosphere of this, and especially the gian leave shadows. They’re so cool.

Good job!

What did you render it in and did you use any postpro? Looks great. 4 stars.

I just used blenders rendering engine. I used photoshop to adjust some levels.

Absolutely love it!