Wizard snail, how improve the render / light?

I would to like to improve the render, specially the light, I have no idea how to make it more appealing.
My goal is to have some stylized /cartoon render.
I’m using some volumetric, and I don’t know if it’s better or worst.

What do you think?

Without volumetric (and some lights)

Diffuse map

Roughness map

Specular map

From the concept art ( artist : scribbles pixels twitter : @scrixels)

I think the volumetrics look good, but I would add more bloom…or remodel the light larger ( to fill the crook) and transparent with an emissive shader…

Is it better? ( I think I will remodel the rock , not smooth enough)

I would go for something more contrasty with a rim light and stronger contrasting shadows

I really like how it looks like on your pic mrgesy, I like the idea of constrasting shadows.
I tried with and without volumetric
With /Without

I think I will stay with the volumetric one

Edit : After beveling the stone and some lights adjustements