My new model, The Wizard

wow very nice!

the modelling is very clean and the materials solid and consistant, nice style. i love the modelling of the hat and the face is well done =)

i guess all i can see that could be added (which im sure your going to do since its a wip) is maybe some eyelashes, subtle though just to give his eyes some more contrast, and maybe a tiny bit more rippling in the hat: a good method for doing this by guessing how your mesh was done is to just use loop cut and then alt+s for size along normal and do this a few times and it should make great cloth curls. Good luck cant wait to see more of this great character!

Peace out.

Very good! I like the shaping of the head to make it look flexible. The face is not human, which I believe is the effect you’re going for, though in my mind it is more of a stereotypical elf than wizard, but hey, rules are made to be broken. The eyes say alot. They are too large and give him childlike innocence and a hint of wisdom.

Is he bald? If this really is a WIP, do you intend on doing a full body?


the lips look a little flat in my oppinion. and is the nose eant to be that high on his face?

oh well


I modelling in my new cartoon style.
Thanks for nice comments!