Wizardy Things

Wizard is doing wizardy things.He keeps his tree happy!


An entry for the current CGboost challenge.

I used this scene to get better with procedural workflows.

The effects were all done with blender volumetrics and generated textures. Great fun!

I added renderings of the torch and the wizard effects without any environment to show how nice that looks like. Its super small in the final image though :stuck_out_tongue:

There are even northern lights and a nicely modeled greenhouse frame in the image, which you would see, if the tree wasnt that glowy big thing it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Done in three to four days (Blender 2.8).

Rendered with cycles (5h 2k samples, no denoising- i removed fireflies in post)

Postpro in Compositor/lightroom/gimp. Saturation/denoising/adding rerendered tiles/brightness adjustments: vigniette added.

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