wizbang female (walkcycle update Jan 11 pg. 4)

I was modeling a female head for the office girl in the crosswalk project,
little did I know sketchy already started on one so…
I decided to make something else of it



I guess it’s not toony enough to go with the crosswalk project anyways

Its still a really nice model! Female heads are hard to do. well all heads to me are.

lil more work here and there

the rig in the ponytail has lots of bugs that’s the reason for the kinks
(I always seem to screw up rigging)

I guess this isn’t a very interesting topic… maybe I’ll change the title
“super duper wizbang model”

:o holy moly that looks cool!

I like the style, keep going! We’re watching. :smiley:

The hair is awesome!!

You might want to raise her cheek bones a bit.

Can’t wait to see her finnished

added eyeballs

I think the cheekbone problem was caused by bad lighting

thought I’d thow in a wire for fun

thanks for compliments for a while there I was worried, no posts

any ideas what she should be? I don’t really have direction where I want to go with this one…

Very nice work, certainly realistic.
The texture on the hair (or at least the ponytail) looks… well not very hair like to me, although I don’t expect its final. I think it needs to be scaled around, but thats just my opinion.
Anyway, nice work!

very nice… looks like an extreemely clean and well modeled mesh…

Those lips are huge, sure you want the mouth to be that wide?

I’d move the head back a bit, that “neck forward” position makes her look a bit neanderthalean.

If you want to go for that “elvish-amazon-warrior” look, you might try putting some kind of tribal tattoo on her cheek.

I UV’d the face I still need to do some more on the neck and other areas

just playing around with textures nothing’s decided


no the hair’s not finished, but I’m not shooting for realism

(I figure if I wanted realism I’d pull out my camera)

nyrathwiz - good idea, but I think I want something a bit more original on my part (I’m always doing elves and fantasy type things, well maybe she’ll end up simaler anyways)

an update…

I know the eyes are glowing, she dosen’t have eyelashes, and the ponytail is still has issues (mostly w/ the armature) I will fix these and add alpha maps to the bangs, and nor map the jacket.

Holy crap thats looking good! next project maybe…not to get a head of ourselves…but just maybe.

I’m in when we get there :slight_smile:

Looking nice!!! I like the body you have added to here :wink:

thats great work so far. i love the skin and hair textures!

Looks awesome!

I’m glad you decided to go a different direction with this model. I don’t think you could have pushed her this far while trying to stay within the stylistic constraints of “crosswalk”.

Speaking of… where are you getting enough time to work on crosswalk and personal projects? Apparently we aren’t giving you enough to do :P.

I agree. I’ve been looking for work on crosswalk that someone hasn’t been assigned to… sign posts aren’t very motivating though… I need something with a little challenge

<edit> maybe I’ll submit to the noob sculpture hehe

She is looking really great Hatch!! She looks like she needs a motorcycle to ride :slight_smile: