WLock - an addon for Blender 2.8 which allows to lock 3D view rotation using hotkey

Hello Blender Users!

Today our team can to show You the newest release of Blender addon - WLock PRO.

Added features:

  1. Setup of own hotkeys

  2. Setup of status icon/button

  3. Status of icon/button colors

Version PRO of the addon will be a little expensive.

But we made a decision do not remove LITE (older) version. This LITE version can be access for purchasing.

We would be very grateful to You, if You to tell Your’s friends about this addon. It is will be be like a motivation for us.

Thank You for support us!

WLock - an addon for Blender 2.8 which allows to lock 3D view rotation using hotkey (default Alt+W)

This addon allows to lock 3D view rotation (only 3D view) using hotkey. As an additional indicator a ‘lock’ icon is displayed (can be set up or disabled in Preferences).

You can have any number of 3D views and each one can be locked/unlocked independently.

One of possible usage - for 2D animation. When you work with orthogonal projection you can by chance rotate your viewport. This can be very annoying. And now you can save yorself from this with a simple hotkey.

Another example - use it for sculpting.

One powerful feature is opportunity to lock 3D viewport not only from orthogonal view, but for any view from user “camera”.

Just use the addon hotkey combination a couple of times. We are sure you will find many situations when this addon will help you to work more comfortably.

In action:

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Also we have an very helpful addon - B-rename

Happy Blendin’!


the short key Alt+W is also use with Boxcutter. Is there an option to change it in the preferences?

Hello Peetie.
You are the first who told us about this issue.
Can You show me where exactly Boxcutter use this keymap? May be it is Your own keymap settings?
Thank You for Your review.


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We can change it that is not the point, but I think users of Box Cutter are used to the short cut Alt+W to activate Box Cutter. Boxcutter is using Alt+W per default.


Ah ok, we can change al shortcuts in the Keymap section, I see. ( I always avoided that to prevent messing up things. Didn’t bother to dive into it, so messy over there.)

Hello Peetie.
Now i see the issue. It happened because i don’t use the BoxCutter addon. We have to think about this misunderstanding and to chose better solution. But at the moment if You need to change ALT+W Keymap, You can do it in Keymap menu. Just write on search field - alt + w.
Anyway thank You for Your review.

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Mega useful addon! Locking rotation of ortho views is a godsend!
But changing hotkey in prefs will be very useful! Thank You!

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Can You add possibility to change views while Wlock is on? For example from right Ortho to top Ortho ect…

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Hello radi0n.
Your suggestion is interesting, but we have a finished new release of the addon. And one of these days we want to replace the older version on markets. But, probably will be and the third version with Your wishes. And we don’t know how to soon.

Cool addon but i am dreaming about an undo system just for viewport! This make modeling amazingly better.

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WLock is updated :wink:

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Hi, I just purchased the pro version, but have problems installing it. When trying to install in the preferences add-on tab, nothing happens. Not an error, just nothing. bah zip as well as .py

MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina
Blender 2.91.0

Any ideas around? Thanks and cheers,

Hello Please send me screenshot in pm.

You should NOT extract the addon archive instead install it as is (.zip)

Actually tried this first of course. Hard to make a screenshot, cause as I said, nothing happens … I could made screen video grab, but there’s exactly nothing to see (as I said, no errors, or nothing).

Please check if the addon appears in the installed addons list

Nope, as I said. simply nothing :frowning: watch the screens grab here: https://youtu.be/awIA_tjyURk

Quite strange,…

Can you install the new version of Blender and try to install the addon again. But only with default Blender settings (“from box”)? https://builder.blender.org/download/

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Greaaat, 2.9.2 did it :wink: Now it’s installed. Wanted to do several updates next says anyways. So Blender is already done, next adventure Adobe CC latest :wink:

Thanks a lot for quick support and best greets

Your welcome! Good to hear that. Cheers!

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Hey there Jazzik,
Using 2.92.
Problem: Every time I turn on Wlock, it changes my Perspective view to Orthographic.
I am using Quad default layout:
4 frames are as follows: Top (ortho), Front (Ortho), Right (Ortho), User Perspective

I am simply using the icon at the bottom. Please inform what I am doing wrong or if this is a bug you can fix.