[WNG4] Dreamrider

(sdfgeoff) #1

At it’s core, dreamrider is a 90’s arcade game. It’s got a retro soundtrack, and pseudo-vector-graphics. There;s only one rule: don’t hit anything. I suggest putting some of your own music in the “Tracks” folder. If you’re looking for some pseudo retro music, head over to SpaceSoundRecords and download some of their free annual albums. I would have included some of the tracks in this release but the licesing is unclear.

This was made in 4 hours as part of Weekly Nano Game 4 organised by Nicholas_A
First up, a video and some screenshots:

A and D to steer
Space to boost

Dreamrider.zip (8.12 MB)

Things I want to do:

  • Single-hit-deaths suck. It really need a regenerating shield, or at least a “wind down” animation before taking you to the death screen.
  • Mouse support would be good too
  • Develop a proper game around this - if time ever magically appears on my doorstep, this could include:
  • Ability to pick the track
  • More variety in the levels


The Making of:

(Nicholas_A) #2

Really awesome game :slight_smile: I love the 80’s feel to it.

(APilch) #3

Nice game! I like the smooth steering and how the mountain generation looks. The one hit death is a little irritating, but it’s still fun.

(sdfgeoff) #4

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I plan to fix the one-hit death when I get some time over the next few days. It’ll no longer be a nano game, but it’ll be much more fun.

(sdfgeoff) #5

Video of the creation added to first post.

(sdfgeoff) #6

I’ve decided to keep working on this a little. Depending on how things go I may open a WIP thread for it.

Current Changes:

  • Better Speedometer
  • Health (no insta-death)
  • A 2D filter to make boost look more fancy and give a better impression of speed
  • Better looking trails

Currently in progress:

  • Cooler landscape generation


  • Health powerups
  • Menu
  • ‘Jukebox’ mode where you don’t speed up and it gradually switches through the tracks
  • Ability to pick a specific track

Example new landscape: