Wo die Schatten fallen (where shadows are falling)

Hey Folks,
I’m happy to share the very first project I finished with the 2.8 (in beta back then) which finally released this month (Together with the music video… sigh). Me, and 3 members of the kotburschi kollektiv worked on and off on the project for around two months and had a very unorthodox workflow, to say the least. I’m very to the forum but I’ve been working with blender for quite a while now.

Concerning the technique
All shots are rendered in Eevee and many of them are overpainted afterwards to create a rough surface that holds more of a painterly vibe - The paintings were then reprojected on the models. Some of the shadows were directly drawn in grease pencil. For the impressionistic scenes and the cityscape in general I worked with animation-nodes a lot.


Much Love,