woah, a fire tornado?



that is interesting…I didn’t know it was possible :smiley: that just gave me a whole bunch of ideas…would be awesome to see a fire tornado in a game, like Super Mario :smiley:

I wonder if, somewhere in the solar system, there are ice tornadoes… :eyebrowlift2:

I would argue that it’d be a bit harder to generate an ice tornado compared to a fire tornado.

Fire in general tends to be quite dynamic in nature and is helped by the fact that heat from fires on Earth will usually rise as superheated air is much lighter than surrounding air that’s several hundred degrees cooler. The hotter the fire, the more dynamic it is, one with a knowledge on fluid dynamics can tell you in a bit more detail.

Also according to a blog post, a big reason why there’s been a lot of pictures and videos with fire tornadoes compared to decades past is because more people are out there with cameras and videos so less of the tornadoes go unseen.

yeah, that and YouTube :wink:

but I meant that, considering that there are “ice volcanoes” on Titan or Europa, maybe somewhere there are tornadoes of gases so cold that they could be called ice tornadoes, or cryo-tornadoes (like ice volcanoes are actually called cryo-volcanoes). maybe the general rules about how tornadoes form don’t necessarily apply…dunno.

I just found it really interesting :smiley:

Just remember this.

The laws of physics you will find is the same everywhere you go in the Universe, it’s not like it changes or sometimes doesn’t apply on other worlds.

Aren’t these called blizards or arctic storms?

Maybe someday “ice” tornadoes will be made using Bose-Einstein condensates. Those shits are wacked!

I didn’t mean the laws of physics, you know. I meant the “laws” that govern the formation of standard tornadoes and fire tornadoes, or any weather pattern for that matter. I just meant that on another, wildly different planet or moon (like Titan, Venus, or Ceres) the usual base conditions for tornadoes to form might not mean a single thing, since the atmospheric pressure and composition, ground temperature, and liquids/gases involved could be wildly different :slight_smile: Earth is our only basis for weather so far, so I don’t think the rules of weather formations are universal :stuck_out_tongue: certain aspects might be, and the laws of physics seem to hold pretty much everywhere, but not necessarily weather…it’s hard enough trying to correctly predict the weather in one small area on Earth :wink: lol

@Sandrew - hadn’t thought of that…lol, made me laugh :slight_smile:

I’m not just talking about the basic laws, I also mean the laws that govern how every elements interacts with each other and what conditions can combine them or break them apart. The rules might seem different on other worlds because the dominant elements found might be different and the strength of gravity might be a bit different as well as temperatures.

oh yeah… I hadn’t thought of chemical reactions :smiley: it’s a possibility though, at least until scientists dis-prove it :wink:

well, at least Ice Tornadoes are an interesting idea, one I could picture very well in many things, like a Lava/Ice world in a game, or a magic-wielder’s spell, or something :slight_smile: like lightsabers - not necessarily possible, but still cool (I actually had an idea about how lightsabers could work - electromagnetic fields, which would also account for their ability to collide with each other)