Dude! What happened to the gallerys section?

wake up!
1 month already without it if not more. lol
there removed it becaus eit was useless. now. and the next gallerie qill take the place, whene it’s finished.

Akir, you are infamous for posting useless threads. :wink:

The fact that it took some a month to realize it was gone is a good reason why it needed to be done away with …

try look for some of the “other blender galleries”



Or the one here:

Yes I like that last one…:stuck_out_tongue:

I was gone, that’s why I didn’t notice.

Stop torturing me!!!

hehe. a lag of 2 month. where have you been?

Please use correct headline!

we dont want random headlines here, they must show what you are posting the thread for

What gallerys section?? :wink:


Never bothered me any, not having one here.
Considering all the other resources available at elysiun, and the fact that
plenty of works can be seen in other sections, I can forgive there not being an ‘official’ gallery here. And of coarse there are several real galleries just a click away. Now, if they didn’t have one at the main product site, then that would be odd.