Wodden gate interior

Design inspired by the gate of the city, designed by D. Libeskind form the gate was used in another project exhibition stands. render cykles 3000s modeling made ​​blender

sweet . I am not a pro to comment. But I love this

Beautiful, nice light work.

Great work. But i think the CA is litle bit to much.

I like your job, just 2 questions: there is a glass in the windows?i tried with cycles a scene illuminated from an hdri but there was a lot of noise, and did you used a specularity map for the wood?

Thanks for the nice comments, really when it comes to CA I did a little bit too much. The scene is illuminated hdri environment from the side of the bed. From the window and actually behind it, is just a background of the image texture. lighting the scene from the window is - emission plane / behind the window / non visible in ray visibility. No spec textures and bump maps. Regards