Wokjow's work book

Greetings blendermonkeys! I’ve decided to slap a couple of my creations up here to see if its worth anything.

I would appreciate your comments!

This is a personal project for a narrative and probably the first model i’ve been proud of enough to stick in a forum.
The character is called ‘post-apocalyptic Piper’ and she’s a tank-girl-esque heroine who really enjoys plowing through zombie brains with a pair large akimbo pistols.

Her accessories haven’t quite been finished, but there’s a machete, dual pistols, shotgun, backpack and a street-scene that i’ve yet to model.

Images i’ve attached are some skin texture and hair tests on her head and my progress with her whole body so far.

Let me know what you think.


and here are some body shots.


A couple of updates on face: Better eyelashes and skin texture.


I think that’s actually pretty awesome, though my opinion isn’t worth much since I’m still incredibly inexperienced. How long have you been learning blender, and how have you been doing it, if you don’t mind my asking? Just tutorials here and there or following something more structured?

Keep up the great work!

That is quite neat - do you intend to animate this ?

Cheers Fax!

I started to learn the program around November last year and it kinda became an obsession :slight_smile:
I started with a great free introductory pdf tutorial for blender 2.49 and once i got the hang of the modelling I just went a little crazy and started with human anatomy and using physics etc.

The best tutorials I’ve discovered thus far must be the ones by Roger Wickes, If you’re reading this you are awesome!

Thank you Kbot, and yes I do intend to animate it.

Thanks for the tip wokjow, I’ll check those out!

Here’s a shot of piper’s underlying body,
There’s also this 9 sec clip that i rendered of her facial expressions.


Some more piper pics…its coming along!

Will add a short run cycle soon…


Geez you’ve gotten a lot further than I did in one year I’ve been using blender for 5 years already and still can’t model a human man you’re lucky :stuck_out_tongue: I’m really slow at “improving” I don’t know why…

a character from a school project.

Thank you Dagon19.

Hello. The results really look promising, especially the half-face close-up and little facial expression demo.
I’ll just add that lesson #1 for getting useful modeling feedback is posting wireframe shots, especially when it’s intended for animation.

Thank you encn, this is the only forum i’ve joined thus far. I will post some run cycles and wireframe shots of the model in action.

A piper run cycle as I added clothing and hair textures etc…

Hey, how do you do?
Is she Sintel + Natalie Portman? Anyways, she looks very nice.