Wolf (animal modeling)

This is my first animal model. I try to make realistic portrait of wolf, but I have big problem with the fur. I think the best way to make realistic animal fur is control the fur particle along U and V directons (new suggestion for developers:). And of course versatile fur lenght on the same surface. But I can’t find such plugin for this job. Sorry for my bad english but I hope you can understand what I think.


Wow! Nice job! When I first saw the upper part of the picture when the page was loading I thought that it was a reference picture lol. Great work!

Looks great. I love the fur.

Now for the crits.
1: The nose looks like a piece of plastic on a child’s toy you need to turn down the spec value on it.
2: The eyes look flat, to fix this, you can either model full eyes (takes a lot of work) or at least make the texture affect the spec value.
3: The “mouth” part is shaped wrong.

I think that if you fix what Shadowbane mentioned, and then make the lighting match your background, it will be utlra-realistic. Even right now, a better lighting match would do wonders for it.

Thanks for suggestions. Now is too late. It’s time for sleep:) Tomorow I go to work .

@Shadowbane: What’s wrong with the snout?

@B65iSP: Great work looks awesome. The eyes seem off and the nose doesn’t look wet enough.
You are aware that you can control fur length with weightpainting? And you can use textures for particles emitter but I can’t really help you on that. You might also want to take a look at the jarkaha particle patch. It is mentioned several times in this forum. There seems to be some major inovation in the way hair and fur is simulated and managed. Haven’t looked at it yet but you can find read made builds on http://www.graphicall.org.

Keep up the great work and try to fix the little issues and this will be a 5Star piece.

That looks wicked :eek:
like dudebot13 i also though it to be a reference picture at first.
Just on crit… dogs/wolfs noses have bumps on them. the one on your modle looks to flat.

Very nice, especially for a first realistic go at an animal. Is the hair all just done with curve guides? They bug me no end most of the time…

Also, helping the nose look wetter might require a harder/more obvious bump map and harder spec values, maybe some sss, but probably not neccesary.

Superb work B65ISP. Brilliantly done. With regards the snout itself and what other have mentioned … All it needs is a nice bump map (as also mentioned by others) that will give it that lovely wet doggie snout texture :slight_smile: I wouldn’t reduce the specularity of it. In fact it looks like you might already have a slight bump on it, maybe try and increase it a bit.

I love the fur, it’s kinda semi-realistic.
An awesome work, just the eyes and nose needs a bit working on and it’ll be alright. :slight_smile:

really great!! i love wolves, and thats amazing for your first animal!

After corrections on the nose (bump and transition) and eyes (with more life:)) , here is my second experiment.

Also, you can see the new model with the UV color and bump map without fur with correction on the ears and the brow. But I must now make new pieces of fur along the wolf face. It’s very dificult to determinate where the muscle is finish and where begin the fur. This wolf is maybe to brawny but with good fur he can look very realistic. Where can we see sheared wolf without the fur:)

On the screenshot you can see position of the Fields and Deflection (of course in combionation with X, Y, Z force.

Next step is setting the light according with the background with little DOF effect for better realism.




Very nice model. Maybe som more polishing in the fur and maybe the background. Otherwise very very nice ((:

It is fricken sweet now! Nice work

I agree, looks better now. One thing with the fur, is the fur on and in the ears correct? Does it lay like that?

The other thing that I think is “wrong” with the fur is the color is the uniform color. Each area is only one color, and it’s got a little too much specularity on it maybe. I think if you could break up the uniform color in some of the larger fur colors and bring down the spec a tiny bit you’d have one great picture there.

Final render with composite DOF.


Looks a lot better. Makes you focus on the animal instead of the background. Great job!

Yeah, great render. Close to realism, even. Great job.

Your character is looking like real. You must have planned for its animation. How will it walk. I have done a lot of googling but couldn’t succeed to find 4 legged animal walk script.

holy MOLEY!!! …Teach me…