Wolf Assualt Fighter- Version 2

Ok, so since I’ve learned loop cuts and such, I’ve decided to re-make my old assualt fighter, possibly to go with the battlecruiser thats still in progress. Anyways, here’s what I’ve got so far, still needs engines, weapons, a cockpit, missles(maybe) and torpedoes.


Okay, a bit of an update here, added a temporary cockpit. Does anyone know how to do good glass reflections, by the way? I want the cockpit to be basically opaque, but to be highly reflective…


I’m putting together the cannons for the wings of the craft ( I think it will have two main cannons and two rapid-fire cannons for combating other fighters and fast-moving targets) Anyways, here’s what I’ve got.

C&C please (I’m building this to go with the almost-done battlecruiser)


here’s an update

C&C please

ps does anyone know what’s wrong with the texture on the cannon? Its mapped to a tube, and I’ve recalculated normals, but its still being weird.


It looks too much like basic block shapes with a half-circle on top. Perhaps you could transition the individule sections of the ship together better, like the area where the wing and main body meet, and maybe bevel the edges a bit more. Good start though, cannon looks interesting. B)

Yeah, I’ve got to work connections more. Anyone have any good ideas on how to connect sections??? Anyways, here’s an update. I added the flak cannons, although I’m not sure I like them. They’ll probably get changed before I’m done.


the ship is okay. in some shots it’s good, but in others it is bland.
the first post of the cannon was very nice looking, but it seemed different when put on the ship (maybe you changed it or it scales badly).
The wings do not seem to fit the general shape of the ship, for some reason it irks me.

But overall lookin’ good

I don’t want this to bea mean comment so don’t take it that way, but it looks like the hilt for the sword from Vultron. That’s what springs in my head when I look at it. I have to really look at it to see a space ship. I think it’s because it’s too blocky, could just be me though.

Keep at it though, it’s definitly progressing. B)


You know, I after I blinked a couple times…yeah it kinda does…how I still remember what the bloody thing looks like after 20 years…

grrr… what is Vultron? Someone please enlighten me. Why is it that whenever I have an idea, someone comes along with ‘hey, that really looks like…’

Oh well… I’ll post another update in a little while.