Wolf Character Modeling

Hello everyone:3,

I’m trying to create a wolf character, like one from Alpha & Omega, or similar to that style, for a movie I am trying to make using Blender. My question is, how would I start modeling one? I don’t understand how background images work,(I know how to put them on, but not how to model a figure with them. I once tried making a carnation, and it came out really deformed:confused:), and if any of you have any tips or advice, I would really appreciate it.

Here are some examples of how I would like it to look like(But without the human-like hair on their heads:p):

  Thank you^^,


background images for a front and side helps you establish initial proportions of thing you’re modelling. There’s no any automation how to get from image to 3d object in blender, it’s all done by artist.
If image is set, add any default mesh object, switch to edit mode and start to modify that according to picture in background using all blender modeling tools available. If you have 2 images set for front and side, they need to be aligned and equally scaled before.
See some videos on how to use background images, how to set up them.
If you have just one image, you need to have fairly well 3d thinking and be quick with blender tools to get your mesh look like thing you model. That comes with practice, so fire up blender and try some.

Happy blending!

Thank you very much, eppo, that was really helpful:)


Well, I’m getting started on it^^ I think I’m going to make a thread in the WIP’s to see if I can get any input from there once I start.