Wolf_character :)

Hello everyone, this is my latest work. I had a little trouble hitting the hair, (and my computer was waging at the time of render). But I liked the kind of hair; even if it is not the type for a wolf. :slight_smile:

Needs more hair.

Your Wolf really look good ! I like the style of your design !

the hair looks more like scales, but the character looks awesome though. Love it.

Really cool design, lucas!

I like the hand-crafted feeling of your work in the portfolio as well… very charming! The perspectives are super interesting, and the characters have a sort of ‘Wes Anderson’ feel to them.

What I really like about the characters is that they appear to be taking in the world around them… there’s a simple intelligence in your work, that I just dig.

Nice work!

Thank’s :slight_smile:

Nice character strange fur!
Overall well done.

AHaha. Lovely character. I’d love to see a cartoon with it.

This looks amazing. Lovely style. It seems Tim Burton-esque

Many thank’s guys :slight_smile:

Lovely character and great render&postpro! Well done!

Very stylish, as always! Keep going in this direction :wink:

Thank’s guys :slight_smile:

very good, but i think the eyes are kind of too specular.

Thank’s for the observation :slight_smile:

This looks amazing. Lovely design

Thank’s :slight_smile:

No no, he doesn’t need more hair! I love this look - a clay animation character. Wonderful work.

Thank’s - I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

A very interesting character. I like it.