Wolf contest

Okay so here’s the contest.
Model and rig a wolf (extra points if it’s textured or has uv coords).
Show a short description, a picture, a download link,
and the name you want to be credited by.
It must be under 15,000 polygons.

The winner will be credited in “Wolfpack” (my logo is’nt finalized) as a modeler, and if it’s textured then also as a texture artist.

Was this a bad contest idea?.
Does no one want to enter?.:frowning:

If i knew how to model a wolf…I would try out for this…And if i wasn’t so busy…
its not a BAD Idea…Just not a whole lot of people do contests that other people make…Just the Weekend challenges and the Contests…

Oh I guess I’ll just be patient then and wait to see what kind of cool entries I get.

Hi 3DModelerMan,

I’m a newbie in here, so my judgement might be very far from correct. But the way I see it privately, it might be as well that you are asking people to design a wolf for you, and you might plan to use it in your “wolfpack” - whatever it might be, crediting the choosen creator - all for free :wink:
So, maybe it would help if you:

  • told us what is this “wolfpack” and how exactly (if anyhow) you plan to make the winner public
  • explained what will be the criteria for winning (e.g. will it be a public poll or your personal choice?)

Even though I truly wish you well, feel free to tell me to go to hell, if you think my point is worthless :wink:


I am going to put the winner in the credits of wolfpack, which is a game simulating the life of a wolf, the wolf seems to be the [B]only[B] thing I’m having trouble modeling, so I decided to put up a contest here cause I would get a wolf, and more importantly I thought it would also be a fun contest.

First of you should read the stickies for the thread you are posting to! If you would have done so you would have seen that you are supposed to contact a mod befor posting a new contest.
This would probably result in something similar to the allready mentioned.
Although it doesn’t sound as if you are doing this in a mean way it is generally a bad idea to get others to do work for you by doing some contest.
Be precise about the rules and do not expect to use the results without first getting permission from the author.

But it is wolf related.


That one is pretty cool!:D, I can’t wait to see who else enters.

Pic 1: skeptical wolf is skeptical.
Pic 2: in its stationary position.

I started this some time ago and never finished it. The fur looks kind of messed up in some places but I’m quite proud of it. I learnt some things about particle hair and some modelling/rigging techniques while making this.


For you to do that the blends posted would need to be claimed as licensed as such (CC) for you to be able to do that. Just because a .blend is posted does not automatically mean it is free for use. If this was your intent you should have stated so in the first post.

As for the contest idea, I think it’s a great idea and I think more team projects here should honestly be doing more of the same. Allows the community to contribute to projects in very small scopes and without being part of a team.

Finally, you may want to check blendswap http://www.blendswap.com for models, there’s a good chance there’s a wolf there somewhere and it would be licensed CC already.

Good luck.

+1 :slight_smile:

cire792 has a really nice wolf model. I would ask him about it.