Wolf Contest

Our first contest started!Make a wolf in a month, and win our 2 paid products ArchDec and Star Wars Spaceships


I like it!

It’s just random wolf images from google

Two things. One: There is no information as to the point of this contest and what will be done with the pieces entered. Two, there is no information covering the licensing issues involved with the contest or the entries.

ok, thank you for the report… i will add these infos.
The point of this contest is to learn how to model animals with fur and rigs, and the winner wins our 2 paid products.
The rights are exclusively of the creator

…and it’s not the right topic. Should be moved from “Finished Projects” to a more suitable place.

Moved from “Artwork > Finished Projects” to “Contests > Member Contests”

The winner is Brian Azevedo!