Wolf eye?

I wonder if any of you could help me fix this wolfs eye. I just can’t get it right, I have been trying for 15 minutes now, and no luck. I don’t know if it’s the position of the eye or whatever it is. But it just looks weird, as not alive…:confused:

If you could fix it for me I would be grateful. And here is a screenshot.



Wolf.blend (175 KB)

i have a kind of wolf that may help u, if u like it u can keep it, lol :stuck_out_tongue: the skinning need to be more fixed, its really awful right now!


WolfNiel.blend (854 KB)

Nice model and very nice rig u got there. I really need to learn more about how to rig models. I can’t use your wolf cause it’s supposed to look ehh not that realistc :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m gonna use it in a game so…but thanks anyway.

If someone could make the eye for my little wolf it would be great, and I would give you tons of credit. (not money) :smiley:
And Ames89 you are really skilled in rigging models could you maybe help me rig this wolf. I know almost nothing about it, except how to place armatures and apply vertex groupes to the armatures. That is all I know, and I think I would learn alot from your example…:smiley:

sure! i’ll help you!
the problem is that i’m not so constant, it is supose to be for an animation lol! all u need to do is tell me what you need me to do for it! and i’ll do it :slight_smile: