wolf gevaudans finished dice

I have posted my unfinished dice in the works in progress section its titled “my first render - die” i have made it alot smoother but it will still need a lot of work to look more realistic. could you please comment.


I like the roundness of the pips on the top,
The pips on the front side don’t have the same sharp edges.

Your site is very interesting and useful, I like it so much! ------ Billy (Retro Jordans).

Yeah… the sharp ones on top look good. How are the dimples modeled - are they just extruded in, with a plat bottom, or are they curved, like the dimples on a golf ball? Shard edges suit the first method, while smooth ones suit the second.

I think you could improve the render a bit - you can’t really do much with dice, but maybe try and model/texture a backgammon or monopoly board, and render two dice sitting on it. The green background is a little plain.

One last thing - on white dice the dimples are often painted black, so maybe you could do that.

thanks that is exactly what i thought of doing ill try the backgammon board, although it might get a bit confusing for me. the diples are simply extruded 0.1 and then again 0.2, then i scaled to 3.0. i dont get why the side dimples arent as sharp, i think because the render level wasn’t the best because i do my renders off a laptop. thanks for commenting.

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that looks pretty good…
you asked how to make it look more realistic… perhaps change the plane colour and the background colour… what you could do, is set the world to blend… its on the left… and then make the plane to only receive shadows. That makes it so that the world colour is the main colour on the ground and should make it more realistic…
Turn on AO and experiement with the different settings…
apart from that, give the camera a more up-close viewpoint, so more of the screen is filled with the objectg you are focusing on.
ive got a thread somewhere with two dice… i can post them up here if your interested?

ok thanks unreal being ill have to get my friend spicy to help me with the AO and setting the world to blend, im sure he would help. and about the dice yes please could you post the image here, it would be a great help thanks.

ok… got two versions… one with certain settings… and the second with more ‘render-friendly’ settings… that is to put the render time down severely… ive cut the images to include render times… so you can see that…
also, the one with the quickest setting… has suzzanne in one of the dice…

enjoy… ill list the setting i had… lemme just find then… ill edit this post soon…