Wolf, of Little Red Riding Hood

Hello all, I’m trying to animations to little red riding hood for the program I’m making.

So they’ll probably be more to come, but as I’m new to blender I figure having someone else giving tips or criticism would be good.

Anyhow here is my wolf. Thanks for any input.



a2s11.blend (164 KB)

looks good, but why is there an extra paw there? paws need a little work, looks like a human foot to me. Needs more teeth. Eyes look like gumdrops.

The extra paw was my replacement paw, because I didn’t think the original was designed very well. More teeth are on the way, not really concerned over them though. I want to get other aspects of it a bit better before I worry about the teeth; then I’ll texture it and ask a few children if they think it looks like a wolf, hehe always fun.

Anyhow, here is link to more pictures of the new version.


Thanks for any input.


Got it textured,
it really needs some work with the fur particle system and actual textures, I’m going to use UV texture to set the particle length for hair and use particle mode to comb it. Also I think perhaps the size of the hairs too bit big.


Legs too long and bowed. Look at him from the front and you can see he’s bow legged. If you want him to be scary make him sort of stockier.


Otherwise looks good.

the legs are too small

get yourself some good pic on web may be or wikipedia

i did one and it’s not far from the right shape
but still some adjustment here and there

but it’s coming along very well

happy blendering