Wolf Samurai

Hey team !
Heres another character ive done last year, based on Satoshi Matsuura illustration
Like the last one, very graphic very cartoon =)

Clay render

Hope you like it =) Thx


Your style is quite marvelous.

Though I coudln’t shake the feeling that the characters width is oddly compressed…

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Thank you for this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !!

I agree with you HAHA, it was quite tricky to figure how to build his body, so i was based in his arm and paws, and than designed like that. But now looking back i totaly agree with you HAHA
Thx again !

Very nice piece of work and I fully agree, your stile is great! Would you share some information how you achieved that flat comic look?

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Thank you friend !
Ow of course i can =)
Well … i think the SHADER its really important here, cause you cant have that shadow gradient, it need to be solid, and very dark , that u cant see any info below it. I used a tutorial from The LightiningBoy Studio ( https://www.youtube.com/c/LightningBoyStudio/featured) they give a step by step of how to construct that toon shader. Incredible, check it out.
The second is the TEXTURE, not necessary need to be handpainted, but give a beautiful touch to your piece. And for this project, the colours are very flat also … the texture give some detail and info, not the model.
I think for these project i didnt use any baked map… maybe AO only but i didnt use procedural txt.
And for the final the MESH … the shape, volume, and design are also very important, i was focused on try to be the faithful as possible to the concept, so in my head i had to “forget” all about the natural anatomy and propotion of things … and make everything works for this piece. Remember cartoon style is already deconstructed from the reality, so dont be afraid to exagerate. I love exageration, and it works fine to me=)
Hope it help a little, im here if you need more info
Thank you again


Thank you so much for sharing your insights and inspirations!

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Awesome! Love the sense of style.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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