WOLF strand cycles



Who’s a nice doggie, what, I guess you’d rather hunt live prey than tennis balls. :wink:

Astounding results, it really shows the superiority of Cycles over BI when it comes to hair implementation.

This is a bit simplicistic,it seems to me you are exaggerating.
A great difference between Blender Internal and Cycles can be seen only if you are using strand rendering,which is fast and has good memory usage but it gives poor result in terms of realism(at least if you don’t spend a lot of time tweaking the shadow maps).
Raytracing hair in Blender Internal gives a much better look than strand rendering,really close to Cycles(there is of course the missing of indirect lighting,but it’s not what gives the better look).
The point is simply that hair need good shadows,and raytracing(not only Cycles)gives the best result(self shadowing on fur).

composite !

Very nice render!

Lovely render quality! Great textures!

A couple of crits.

Tone: everything is a bit muddy and “in the middle” the composition could do with greater balance overall with light and dark areas.

the pose of the wolf is intiguing looking off camera like that but you get a “bad tangent” with the left hand tree trunk as a result (the right edge of the tree matches and blends into the wolf neck and fore leg exactly which cuts your drawing in half with a big vertical line… this looks bad and also makes it hard to read the depth of the wolf and the tree…

The composition is slightly unbalanced with too much tree on the left and the wolf only taking a small part of the comp… 25%…

Some “rule of thirds” would be nice.

Finally: the background trees could do with some depth cue-ing/lightening and maybe a hue shift toward blue to really separate the wolf.

The wolf itself looks like the fur is overall too short and could do with more markings/patterning on the different fur areas.

So as I said, great render in terms of ‘finish’… could be amazing with some compositional and balance fixups.

This looks amazing. Cant say much about it, Michael covered about everything. :D Im really amazed by this. How many samples are there?

short hair: add manual ??/ 2000 children
long hair: 2500/200 children
200 samples 1280x720

really cool :smiley: although it would look more natural if the snout was a bit longer imo :stuck_out_tongue: