Wolf trail

The compositing on this one was super tricky and it took ages for me to find the settings that I even remotely liked, and I’m still not quite sure if I’m completely happy with this yet or not, but I’d still consider it as “finished project” instead of “work in progress”. I’m just askin for final opinions from you before I post this anywhere else. :slight_smile:

Wow. That looks really nice !
I love the colors.
The snow on the bushes might be a little too thick , and I feel like the snow on the trees need more texture and bumpiness.
The lighting is what grabbed my attention. Beautiful blue tones. Not too contrast - y , not too dull , correctly balanced.

I always love outdoor snow scene, and this one is really cool!
The aurorea sky is a great idea here, but somehow looks a bit off to me (scale, orientation, integration in the pic???).

I wish there were more winter-themed renders, looks wonderful