Wolf WIP

Hey guys, this is a wolf i started today. spent about 3 hours on it. Still need lots of work. Any critique ?

Hey guys. I have just edited the wolf a bit to make the mesh a bit better. (removing useless loops, cleaning up tris, etc) and in my opinion it is going well. Im up to the feet!! S: and im having a bit of trouble. I want to work on the toes but i cant seem to get them acurately how i want. I have a reference picture but its not really helping either. Anyone know what i can do to get around this obstacle? I really wanna finish this project!
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Wolf paws are the ball of the foot and the toes. Wolves walk on their toes. So do dogs. Anyway, model the toes separately, then move them together once you have all of them. That little vestigial spur is actually the wolf’s ‘thumb.’ make sure you model it on the inside of the leg.

Thanks heaps for the quick reply. I will try this method now :slight_smile:

finally finished the mesh! :smiley: yay - now time for fur :smiley:

think im gonna add fur :stuck_out_tongue:

if someone could give me pointers on that, i think this could be a good render! :smiley:

The nose looks a bit silly, because it’s just 2 dots. maybe try to shape it a bit more. so i guess you are working with boxmodeling? mabye add some more cuts around the nose to shape it a bit more. Knife tool will do i guess (K-Key). You need a loop around the Transition between the Black part of the nose and the fur. here an good reference:
Google Result 1
Google Result 2

i edited a bit. don’t do it perfectly like that, it’s just so you can get an idea of how it could be done :-D.

(Base was Google Result 1)

thanks alot! yeah the nose was tricky :S i kinda just left it… after seeing this i will go fix it eheh! thanks again.

I think i should UV map it too; which will be scary

Nah UV mapping is not so much difficult. You just have to practice it :-D. You just have to set the seams on some good spots. when you are going to use hair modifier or Fur Textures Planes around the Body, they will also most likly hide the seams.
You can go here and check out the seams of the Wolf. It’s some nice work of Dennis Haupt (DennisH2010):
I also like how he build the fur. Maybe you get a bit of inspiration for your Project :-D.

thanks for the help and links! :slight_smile: