(Tmiya) #1

Hi, here is wolf, what i would like to sell. This is my first project, what i post on blender artists and first project what i want to sell… so hopefully it will not get too bad response :smiley:

If you want, you can critique it here and later i will try improve it.

I did not made inside of mouth.

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:

If you want, you can buy this model here.


(macio) #2

This is awesome! Congratulations!!! Have you followed some tutorials? If yes, please link here

(Tmiya) #3

Thanks :slight_smile: No… i did not… i only watched for this basic tutorials for fur and hairs… If you want to learn basics, you can watch for example this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DUievrHo0Q I have used multiple of haid modifers for more places… for example for head, ears, tail or body. if you want better fur results you should simply try more variations of fur. when I did this, I often wanted to go sleep because render this is boring :smiley: Material for fur is simple hair shader, but difuse shader works fine too… i think. sorry for bad english.

(Shenfara) #4

This might be only my opinion, but except for the face which is simply impressive, the rest of the wolf’s body seems lacking. It might be because of morphology issues. Here, look at this image of a mexican wolf, and pay attention to the body.

(BigBlend) #5

Hind legs needs work. The fur looks great.

(Tmiya) #6

Thanks :slight_smile: i will try improve it.

Macio I did not follow tutorial for this. I only learned fur from some basic fur tutorials.You can try learn it for example from this tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DUievrHo0Q

(rjshae) #7

Beautiful fur. It seems a little stunted length-wise though, and the gut should be lifted up a bit.

(Tmiya) #8

Here is improved version. Paws could be better. Later i will try improve it. Thank you for help and support :slight_smile:

(Shenfara) #9

That’s a good improvement for the hind legs. The body should be a little bit longer, it is a bit too short in comparison to the face. The back section of the hind legs need to be more toned from the curve and downwards. The front legs are missing something, elbows. Wolves have something akin to elbows on their front legs but it is very high (look at the image I posted previously). The part where the guts meet the hind legs needs to be higher. The fur on the wolf’s back should be a bit darker, just like it is on the wolf’s face. The tail should be fluffier and a bit longer too. This is all the advice I can give. I am no expert and your work on the face is simply amazing, but I hope I could be of some help to you. Good luck!

(Tmiya) #10

Shenfara thanks :slight_smile:

I have uploaded this object.

On blender market they did not let me sell objects yet, so i added it to cgtrader.

If you are interested you can buy it here

Now cgtrader has gift $200 for buying. I am not sure how it works.
now you can there save 30%

This object is not perfect and if you do not have money it would be maybe better when you do not buy it :smiley:
I know this object is not This object is not exactly cheapest, so if you want, i could give you some advice for fur.

If you will buy it, thank you :slight_smile:

(Fallirini) #11

That’s really nice work in here I like it.


(threedslider) #12

That looks realistic, I like it on how you achieve this work.

(S-Markt) #13

belly is too thick look at your reference pic. everything else awesome. keep the bely and change the face and you got a puppywolf.

(NeverTilt) #14

Something is really wrong with the body, but the face is almost perfect (nose could use some texture)

(NikKru) #15

The fur is really great, but as others have stated, the legs need some work. Maybe it helps to envision a human in that stance, because the skeletons are very similar, except the wolf has longer feet and hands and shorter fingers and toes. The shoulders start almost right after the neck ends and the elbow is around where the chest would end.
The knees seem a bit high up and the heel needs to be a lot higher, thinner and sharper and the fingers and toes bent in a way that he almost only stands on the tips. Also you should add some more thicker and longer whiskers. Something looks off about the behind and tail to me but I can’t quite describe what. It might be that the wolf seems a bit short and the butt too flat and the tail thin compared to how fluffy the body is.
He also seems to be missing the thumb claw, I don’t know the proper term for it but if you look at where the thumb would be, they have a claw there.
I’d suggest to to look at canine skeletons and make the limbs slightly bent rather than perfectly straight, it will help a lot with rigging later.

(ChameleonScales) #16

Impressive, I’d love to see it in a more interesting 3D environment and an HDRI for lighting.