Wolverine Final

Here is a remodeling job I did for my old wolverine model. Enjoy!


That’s really quite nice. Good job.

Thanks man! That makes me so happy to hear that! I worked for a long time on this, finally time to move on for a while, or until I get a faster computer and animate this rig. :slight_smile:

P.S. I would like users to rate this thread, but I don’t know how to make that possible.

This is amazing. Way to go!!

thank you!

Very Nice! I like the musKLES lol.

Nice work, I especially like the posing.
Crits: Face looks more feminine than male. Muscles on the leg look a bit odd, what is that bump above the knee?

The muscles on wolverine are like that. i guess its supposed to make him look bigger :rolleyes:.
i like it! great job! my only crit is he’s a bit short. but besides that it rocks. maybe hes not short. maybe its just me. XD

thanks again! this project was a real pain for me because my computer kept being soooo slow, especially with subsurf on. this model was built for animation but rendering times are attrocious, so now im going to focus on simpler models, more texturing, and setting up scenes.

Wolverine is 5’ 3". Not sure how tall you are but, to me and most of the known world, that is short. For someone that knows how his muscles look, you should know at least this bit of info…I mean c’mon. What kind of fan are you? Maybe you’re not a fan…maybe you’re just wierd. Do you know how I could model supermans back off the top of your head? jk lol.