Ok, I decided to make a model of Wolverine, this is my work so far.
Any comments or crits would be greatly appreciated.

I have a comment…WOW

Cant wait to see this guy with his claws out!

I forgot to mention it’s all procedural textures.

thats some nice hair. but the shape of the head on the top looks a bit bigger than the bottom. for instance the chin looks tiny

this is a really really good model but i have a few crits the corner of his eye seems like he has like a gash or something. and the tip of the nose sticks out to far or the profile of the nose is not sticking out enough. his ear lobe seems abit to long as well. other then that i cant wait to see the hole thing :D:D

Great! I agree about the corner of the eye. One thing is he seems rather skinny for wolverine. In any case I love your rendition of wolverine and it is nice to see him the way you have portrayed.

Hey, that’s really great. It is the first time I see a hair render which resembles to hairs. The guy expression is also nice. I am curious to see hwo it will progress. Keep it up.

Really looking nice.

As for the eye, I think it looks perfectly fine. Doesn’t look like you are going for ultra realism anyway.

Is the hair particles or alpha mapped planes. Can’t really tell here. Just wanted to know for my own reference.


Add some large pointy eyebrows and it really is Wolverine.
The funny thing is he doesn’t seem as muscled as the usual Marvel comics.
But it’s better this way.

Is the hair particles or alpha mapped planes.

I would put all my dollars on alpha mapped planes.

lol, I would too. But it’s hard to tell on my LCD laptop screen is all. :wink:


Looks great, jackblack! As has been mentioned, you need to do some tweaking on the proportions: e.g. the eyes are a little too big, the forehead too tall, the head too large for the current shoulders, ears too small (maybe - they’re covered by the hair) and (tho this is probably intended) the nose’s “point” a little too pronounced/elongated. The thing that struck me immediately was the aparent receeding hairline. Maybe he’s getting on in years? :slight_smile: Wolverine always came across as one extremely hairy dude - and yes, much broader/bulkier than the Hugh Jackman version.

Very good job
can you post your settings or textures?

really good model. not only well modelled but also has liveness. that one i’d like to see finished.

THanks for all the replies guy’s, I’ll update him soon. The angle that he’s at probably is’nt the best. I’m going to give him a coat as well which is why he looks so skinny, the coat will fill him out more and I’ll also be adding more hair. Sparce hair is somthing I have trouble with as well as eyebrows.

Here’s a quick update added eye’s and chest hair as well as a rough shave. I used the new particle system, I’m having a hard time making the strands thinner and fading out.
Coments and Cits always welcome

This is coming along quite nicely. Although the chest hair looks bad as it is now. I woudld try to make it curly for one thing. The density is nice. I would suggest studying the particle hair tutorial in the blender wiki. I think it may be solved with using ramps that fade to total transparency, as well as alpha maps. How did you do the beard texture, is it a uv map? I would like to see a different angle sometime, you can’t see much of the eyes.

Yeah the chest hair doesn’t look right, I’m no expert on chest hair myself but I wouldn’t think it’d be so far up the neck like that.

Here is a great tutorial for hair with the new particle system. I think it is what you are looking for.


scroll down and look at hair fur setup he uses.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

That’s kinda odd, I’ve been doing what that tutorial say’s but I have’nt been able to get that blend. Here’s a screenshot of my settings.