Hey, I’ve been using blender for over 2 years now, and I have never posted anything on here until now. Plan on seeing a lot more work coming forward from me in the future. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the image so far!


erm… care to on ambient occulsion of adding another light source?
I think it is too dark… about the model, I dont think it have much problem

Here is one with the ambient occlusion turned up, ain’t no thing but a chicken wing to do that.:ba:


i like it, but i do think that you could improve the boot things a bit, where they connect to the legs.

Hey, I took the advice some made about the materials and the grey areas around my model, so I am redoing many parts in order to really make a great model as opposed to one that can only be seen from certain views…Here is an update of wolverine featuring new boots, new shoulder blades, and lack of claws due to remodeling…the textures have some flaws at the moment and will be readjusted, as well as new thighs. I know the boots are overlapping, that will be solved when I add bones and move the legs around. More on the way!:RocknRoll:


The model is undergoing a huge overhaul and will hopefully come out pretty rad.

Here are some more shots of it so far. :RocknRoll:


More shots


Pretty awesome overall, but those boots make it look like either he has goat legs, or two creatures are swallowing him from the legs up.

Haha, I agree, in that shot it certainly does look that way. Perhaps I will work on the tips once more, but I think that once the bones are added, you will see a different perspective which will look much better.

Looks pretty cool, I like that comic book :smiley:

Another shot, this time of the new arm, complete with veins!


new shots with plain lighting and posing. glove texture has been added, along with hair.


This looks like its really coming along!
If you ask me the first render looks pretty amature but with the textures and remodeling you really made it come around… Its lookin great!

thanks man!

more shots in prog…some of when the model first started, then a year later when i actually have decent knowledge of blender…biiig difference.


Quite honestly,. I like the shot in the first post in this thread. looks like a figurine to me.

By that I mean I like the textures better I think… though I can’t say for sure. My main problem with it is the boots, like many have said… they just look huge to me… maybe you like that, I dunno, but to me they overpower the image.

good , alter the claws on the knees , make them more thin .

My Wolverine is almost complete! Needs slight adjustments here and there. This is a render test.


Yikes! Please do something about those boots!
Heres what I found after a quick google search.


I love what you’ve done! It’s clear that you’ve been working hard and it’s paying off. Your art is amazing and I think you have a real future in this. Keep up the good work!!