Woman controls blender by making noises at it

Not OUR blender, btw.


Is it wrong that I find this strangely erotic?




Is it just me or is that kinda freaky? :-?

Absolutely. That was one of the more disturbing moments of my life.

Sigh… put me in the strangely erotic column %|

Wow… That’s creepy.

That’s highly impractical, but I did find it to be somewhat humorous.

“Is it wrong that I find this strangely erotic?”

Yes, that’s pretty messed up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go stick it in a blender…

the woman got rabies!!!

I hope that’s her kidneys in the blender

Is it wrong that I find this strangely erotic?

how many times did you play it?

That was kind of Creapy, and disturbing lol. i Felt a werd sick feeling inside me

I was just reading over her site.


She has some strange ideas. Reminds me of all of that conceptual stuff people invented back in the 50’s era, when technology really started to hit the consumers. You know, awesome in concept, but impractical or useless in reality.

Kelly Dobson is a design engineer and artist. Working in the realms of technology, medicine, art, and culture, her projects involve the parapraxis of machine design – what machines do and mean for people other than what we consciously designed them to do and be used for. She is currently a researcher at the MIT Media Lab working towards her Ph.D.

Once. I never said I liked the vid, but it’s just … strange.


Where did you find it?


What bothers me is that she probably got some fat grant to make it.

Here’s a (albeit badly) GIMPed image of a bunch of nutters.

I think they’re mixing procedural textures, particles, boolean operations and eggs.


Also I think that might be jsplifer on the far right with the shades on his head. He is waiting for some of that drink. He also did that picture on the wall using crayons.

It’s like looking into the mind of an insane person. Sexy? Are you kidding? Well … it was kind of interesting when she was biting the handle of the blender. Half expected her to take the thing and … nevermind.