Woman face

This is just a test made with sculpt and the mouse (no tablet).
In the future maybe I will make the full body but I will have to retopo it and I have no idea how retopo works!
Yeah, I know the neck and ears are wrong, they’re unfinished. Any Ideas for the lashes and brows?


the outer shape of the head is good , you will have to alter the ears , and the upper eyes …

Thanks, yes, the eyes ears and lips are only rough shaped. Do yo know a good method for the eyelashes? Also I need a good tutorial or advice for retopo, since my base mesh is crap

For retopologising you could use the Shrinkwrap modifier.


And for making eyelashes, you could either use a textured plane OR you could use a particle system. I’m using particles for my model right now, and they look pretty nice.

retopo with shrink warp? I didn’t know it was possible, very interesting…
And the retopo tool? do you know a good tutorial for it?

small update ears still unfinished