woman head - new render, old model

an old model with new render :slight_smile:

UPDATE: You can dowloand the .blend file with the textures: http://etyekfilm.hu/womanstatue_by_endi_public.zip
You can find the displace and a controll texture (you can use it for refl, rayrefl, stencil etc…).
No light and material setup! You can make it and I will happy if you publish your renders!!!


too good for words!!! gallery stuff!!!

I dont think so.

Looks very … odd. The model itself looks nice, but there is something very odd about the lighting and surfaces. fix it and maybe then… (but you have to do miracle before i’d think it deserves gallery place).

‘Odd’ as you put it is great! It’s beautiful!

Woaw…you got to teach me that…!!!

Not gallery IMO…
but cool looking. Half of me thinks the material is awesome… the other half thinks its just weird; you’d never see any real material like that…

Very nice, the modeling is good, but parts of the material looks brand new and glossy, while other parts look old and rusted… Is that rendered in B.I.?

very cool, like modern art… nice job!

The spec is just too hard for me it needs a larger falloff for a softer feel. Also lack of spec on the front of the head feels less rusty metal/glassy and more like stone.

why?! is that a head floating in space?! model needs a scene. its boring without a scene
please. the model itself is cool , i like it.
“hawk out”

I agree with pretty much what everyone else has said, modelling’s fantastic however the material is… well… odd.

On a completely unrelated note…

Please never say that again. :no:

I personally really like the texture.

I like the material too…metallic glaze on earthenware pottery.

Very well done, man! If you see this picture that way…leave it that way. I am not sure if that will become a part of the gallery, but believe me that looks better, than MANY stuff that are already there.

No, the white looks horrible on an otherwise nice model and material.

actually the material is great. I’ve seen real materials like this one(half tranparent mettalic coat on ceramic)

The material is cool and the model is really nice!

At first glance it looks like her brain is exposed.

Imagination is a wild thing

I agree. I love the material, if for no other reason than the blender-technicalities of it. It does look like aged bronze that had some kind of moss grow on it for a century or two, then it was dipped in several coats of glossy polyurethane.

…but fired ceramic would do that too! Great work, endi! (did you still employ that old script that baked the “dirt-in-the-crevasses” look texture, and is it still around and under development? Or’dja use something else?)

EDIT: oh, sorry, forgot:

“mzungu out”