Woman in the works

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, but now it’s about time.
Is there anything that needs work? The ear is not attached to the head yet, I want to make sure it is in the right place first. Also I wonder if the feet are too big? is the head too egg-shaped in front view?

So here is the whole body:


And here’s the head:


By the way, what is the best way to make eye lashes?

Hans Petter

The jawline is waaay too far down. She looks not only like a man, but like Dr. Evil. You need to move it up a whole lot. The ear seems too small as well and the hands and feet are too long. The knees should be more articulated as well considering you’re working in hipoly.

Dr. Evil? Well, I know she’s not a beauty yet, but don’t overdo it. I’ll try to raise the jawline, but it maches the reference quite well, that’s the strange thing. And that was of a really pretty girl. Anyway, I hope I can get a chance to work on her tomorrow.

Hans Petter

First off all she doesn’t look like Dr.Evil, i think the modelling is quite good but needs some tweaking.

The Humand head Hhas basically the shape of an egg standing upside-down but you do it downside-up, that’s why the head proportions don’t look correct.

With the knees I agree as mentioned.

Fix that and you are fine.



My bit of advice would be she looks a little knock-knee’d. Which hey, some people are, so its not thats its not realistic, just an observation of a possibly unintended trait.

Other than that, I like it, good model. Very clean.

cvdG: Can you explain a bit? I don’t understand what you mean by “knock-knee’d”.

Thanks for comments, I’ll try to show an update tonight. I tweaked the head a bit yesterday, but I know a few more things to do with it now, so be patient, my friends!

Hans Petter

The jaw probably matches the photo because of perspective - bottom line, it doesn’t look right and you can change it or you can ignore it and allow it to continue to look manly. A female jawline typically ends just below the earlobe. Your edgeloops should curve with the jawline rather than continue horizontally. I do know of one famous woman with a jaw like this - Janet Reno.

The head is very egg shaped, you need to square the top up more.

The dip in the nose (side view, around the eyes) seems too exaggerated, and the nose looks too upturned, though I have seen people with that kind of nose.

Fingers way too long and skinny, almost alienlike.

Other parts of the body are very good and I think you’ll end up doing very well with this if you follow the crits. It’s lacking detail in places (knees, ribs, muscles).

Thanks for the advice on the jawline. I’ll see what I can do. About lack of detail in other places, I don’t want too much. I will try do make the knees better, but more ribs will probably make her look too skinny and muscles will make her more like a bodybuilder. I want her to be naturally slim but with that female layer of fat that just covers the details, especially as long as she is in a somewhat relaxed pose.

Well, I’ve got something to work on tonight, then. See ya!

Hans Petter

By detailing the muscles, I didn’t mean to add a lot, but to refine what is there. The wrists for example have too much muscle, and the general shape is usually different than that. The muscle on the back of the shins usually has a defined edge… hard to explain what I’m talking about here with words, but it is a seperate defined lump from the shin.

hey man, sorry for slow reply. What i meant was her knees seem to point and bulge inwards ever so slightly, and when viewed from front/back the leg seems to bend inwards at the knee a bit.

Again, its not that its unrealistic…in fact, i think it adds to the realism, and I’d keep it.

So…not a crit so much as an observation.

Nice work though, I think its coming along very well (better than my current struggling project)

Well, it’s time for an update. I have scaled down the hands and feet a little, done some modifications on the head and a little on the legs. Here you go:


Hans Petter

Hmm… it’s kind of hard to put this into words, but here goes.

On the left and right of the mouth the cheeks need to be pulled in more… the general shape of the flat portion of the face is a V (chin on the bottom, forhead on top) and the parts not in that V shape are sticking too far out on the X axis. The only way I could think of for you to visualize this would be to look at the makehuman mesh or some photos and you’ll see it.

The eyeballs are too big and I wonder why you have the lids half closed like that.

I’m not shure I understand exactly what you mean. Could you illustrate a little on the front view?

You need better reference pics, preferrably ones that just cover the head. You can never translate a perspective photo into an ortho viewpoint one-to-one, that doesn’t work.

Also, the head seems a bit small in relation to the body.

I’ve got head pictures. Also, I haven’t found any info on how to set up a perspective view that matches a photo. That’s why I just use ortho views. For starters, the focal length should be the same, but I didn’t take the photos myself, so I will never know. Secondly the model will always have to be seen from the exact same place, which seems impossible to me.

I*ll be happy to get some tips on this, in the meantime I just go on as before.

Hans Petter

Ok, I haven’t had the chance to work to much on my girl lately, but here’s an update on the head. I think that if there is nothing major wrong, I’ll leave it like this. What do you all think?


And then off to give her some hair. Or maybe I’ll texture her first…

it might just be me, but the eyes look just a scooch too far apart.

great job otherwise :slight_smile:

Hmm I agree, I didn’t notice it because of the solid/wireframe matchup, but when you mention it, those eye’s are very far from eachother.

Also, about the knee’s… it seems as though her knee’s come “in”, where normally they go “out” ward from the pelvis.

They should be shaped more like if she was riding a horse, bowed out a bit, farther apart.

oh, and the neck’s too skinny :wink: