Woman in water ( some nuditi )

a few days ago i found out that blender 2.40 was released and i downloaded it . I noticed the fluid system and the particles for creating hair . Then i decided it was time for me to try to make a human head . I found a tutorial and started box modeling a head .after some time it went out like freddy cruger ( and was supposed to be a beautiful woman )
So i went to see in what stage is Make Human and i saw that the alpha is out so i downloaded it . I spent some time playing with fluids and makehuman and after some time i got this and i found it interesting . what do you think?


i like it, very well done, the glossy effect helps.
[edit]forgot to say, the shain caring the ing-iang symbol, could be more like iron and more rounded

you need ripples in the water.

She looks kinda flat for some reason and her belly button scares me. It looks…over folded if you can understand what I mean.