Woman on Bed

One of my last works



For me this is an edge case - as far as I can tell there are no genitalia or nipples visible, I’d be ok with this one not having the nsfw tag.


Nice work, reminds me of a classical statue of some sort. Does the hair have some special meaning?

It is not hair, it´s a tatoo on the head.

Thanks for your opinion.
we have reached a fairly high state of control and repression. The figure tries to be classic and with art. there are thousands of paintings and sculptures showing more and nobody cares.

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“We” as in Blender Artists, or society in general?

The general society

It reminds me of The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David and The dying Gaul. It is amazing. I have been using Blender for only a few months, so this is like magic. Was this created using only Blender?

Not all are done with Blender, but it will be 85% of the work.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hi Jaol,
this image is a really great piece of art. I love it!
Would you be so kind to share a bit about your lighting and material Workflow? How did you achieve this slight painterly, dry look? Is it done in Blender?

Thanks for sharing your art!

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Thanks you. You are very kind. I´ll try it but you can see this tutorial in my web. It is similar with another model. See here:


Better late than never, sorry for my late reply. Thanks for sharing that information!